3.com Tips for Designers | Internet Explorer 9

Tips for Designers

Internet explorer 9 is better suited for visual processing. Special effort is made to utilize the underlying hardware power - graphical processing power, audio processing power. Using the power of GPU (Graphical processing unit), CPU developer will be able to build richer application with 3-D, zoom, diagrams creation etc within browser itself. In the absence of these capabilities developer has to invoke external application from. With internet explorer 9, these functionalities can be built as part of web pages. Flash Player will provide good web experience on internet explorer 9.

Future possibilities for developers and designers

  • As more and more reader read, listen, watch news on internet, internet explorer 9 will allow to build richer media application.
  • As more and more users start playing computer games on internet, internet explorer gives opportunities to developers to build browser based games.
  • Many of ecommerce site show detail usage, info of product. Internet explorer and HTML 5 features will enable richer ecommerce applications.
  • Travel websites specifically find ways to showcase the beauty of destination places to potential travelers. Internet explorers and HTML 5 will allow travelers to use things like flickr, photos and feel the place before they visit.
  • Most of web sites will encourage their uses to pin their website, use Jump-list so that users of site can quickly reach to them.

at once; smoothly pan, swoop, and zoom on photos and diagrams; and play 3-D games - and do it all without leaving the browser, using a plug-in or having to launch another application